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Who is Algonize AI for?

We are a team of professional Trading Software Developer with intense knowledge of program trading. We trade in multiple world markets with our HFTs , arbitrage and other secret systems from the investment received. All investments are auto diversified into some sectors like : NSE India Equity Cryptocurrency Arbitrage and Hedging. Forex CFDs Forex Currencies , etc. Our Intensely programmed softwares are designed to get max profits out of various market conditions with limiting risk with NSE India and Forex Arbitrage and hedging System.

How do I get the Mobile App for my phone?

Goto PlayStore on Any Andriod Device and Search For Algonize AI App

What features does the Mobile App have?

Algonize AI App have several features like : In app investmnet, Live Tracking your investments and earnings, referral programs, withdraw and raising support tickets.

How Algonize AI works

What’s special about Algonize AI?

Algonize AIcame up with a method of autonomous cross exchange trading with poerful AI tools and softwares.

What problem does Algonize AI solve?

Algonize AI solves the biggest problem of investors and traders of Heavy risks in market while trading in financial markets by allowing them to invest in our Automatic investment platforms and earn daily guaranteed risk free.

How does Algonize AI differ from usual apps?

Algonize AI is the India's first Automatic Investment with daily guaranteed earning with zero risk on investment. However other sapp are simply provind charting and trading tolls and let you to do trading yourself in your 100% risk.

Pricing Plans

How many investment plans does Algonize AI App have?

Algonize AI have 4 investment plans carefully engineered to meets the exact need of retails traders to HNI investors.

Important Referral Program Conditions

To earn with Algonize AI without investment you can join our Referral program and earn as low as 15% flat for each referred user's first deposit. For Example: You referred 10 User in 1 Month with Rs.50000 Deposit Each, Then you will earn Rs.75000 Flat. Important Note : Invalid Referrals will not be counted for commision payment. Referring yourself with new email ID is considered as invalid referral.

Repeated attempt of getting commission from invalid refesral will get your main account blocked and any deposits in main account will be blocked.Any Commision generated with invalid referral will be considered for not payment.

Can I cancel my account plan at any time?

Unfortunatley, you cannot cancel your investment plan before your investment maturity period.

What Are Pooled Funds?

What Are Pooled Funds?

Pooled funds are funds in a portfolio from many individual investors that are aggregated for the purposes of investment. Mutual funds, hedge funds, exchange traded funds, pension funds, and unit investment trusts are all examples of professionally managed pooled funds. Investors in pooled funds benefit from economies of scale, which allow for lower trading costs per dollar of investment, and diversification.

The Basics of Pooled Funds

Groups such as investment clubs, partnerships, and trusts use pooled funds to invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The pooled investment account lets the investors be treated as a single account holder, enabling them to buy more shares collectively than they could individually, and often for better—discounted—prices.

Advantages of Pooled Funds

With pooled funds, groups of investors can take advantage of opportunities typically available to only large investors. In addition, investors save on transaction costs and further diversify their portfolios. Because funds contain hundreds or thousands of securities, investors are less affected if one security underperforms.


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